6 step for best SEO tips for new bloggers, 

SEO Tips for new bloggers


SEO is very important for any blog whether it is on WordPress or Blogger.  Without good and perfect Seo, you cannot even imagine your website being ranked on a big search engine like Google (Bing) or Bing.  It is important that you read, understand and apply its basic concept on your website.  Some important tips are given below.

Any blogger becomes famous only when a lot of organic traffic comes to his blog.  And
SEO  is the best way to bring traffic to the blog.

Whatever traffic comes to your blog through SEO, it comes to your blog through Google search engine means that people search about your topic on Google Now because your post is ranking in the top on Google, that’s why  More people come to read that post on your blog.

Therefore, the most important thing for a blogger is how to rank his post on the top page of Google so that more and more traffic can come to his blog and traffic to the blog.  We have to do SEO to bring Google to the top of our blog.

Now those who are old bloggers, how do SEO do the idea of   a blog, but those who are new bloggers have just started their own blog and are writing posts, they do not have much idea of   SEO.

So for all of them, I am going to tell you about some very important points about SEO in this post today so that those who are new bloggers will know how they can get their posts to rank on top of Google, so that their traffic  To get it.

6 step for best SEO tips for new bloggers,.

Now I am going to tell some very important points about SEO which a new blogger must keep in mind, only then his post can rank on the top of Google.

1 – After installing wordpress set up yoast SEO plugin.

First of all when you setup the domain and hosting to install wordpress after purchasing it, then you also have to install yoast SEO plugin at that time and make its complete settings.

Because the yoast SEO plugin greatly helps in on page SEO of your blog post, such as the title of your post, the URL of the post and the meta description of your post is not SEO friendly.

Apart from this, you can submit your blog to google webmaster (google search console) through yoast SEO plugin and also create sitemap of your blog.

 2 – Do technical SEO of your blog.

Under technical SEO, you have to see a lot in your blog like.

Your blog should be mobile friendly

First of all, whatever your blog is, it should be open easily in any device, your article can be read very well by the user, that means your blog is mobile friendly.

For this, the theme of your blog is always mobile friendly or not, it should be used only after testing.

Blog loading speed reduced.

This is also a very important factor for SEO to reduce the loading time of your blog, it is very important that your blog should be open within 3 sec.

So always use only compressing images on your blog and also install and activate plugins like w3 total cache, wp rocket on WordPress, in addition remove all the java, css files that are on your blog.

And if possible, buy a good web hosting so that your blog data can be opened easily.

3 – Research the keywords before writing the post.

The biggest mistake that new bloggers make while writing a post is that they start writing the post by researching any keyword and publish it and after a few days when they do not see them on Google, they get upset.

In this way, your post will never show on Google.  Before writing a post, you have to know what word you are searching on Google by writing the topic you are writing and how many people search that word in a month.

And when you find a keyword with the correct volume, then you have to target it and write the post and use that main keyword in the title, URL, meta description, heading and paragraph in the post.

Only after doing all this, your post can show in Google’s search results.  So searching for keywords, using it properly in your post is a very important part of SEO.

4-Write Quality Content for better SEO.

SEO Tips for new bloggers


One important thing that a blogger needs to keep in mind from the beginning is that you can succeed in blogging only when you publish a quality post on top of your topic.

Now quality post means complete information about any topic you are writing about an article and try to make that article as easy as possible so that whenever someone comes to your post, it needs to go somewhere else.  Do not get that whole information in easy words on your post.

This is the quality content, as well as connect your posts with the rest of the posts, that means you must also add internal links to each of your posts.

 5- Create Quality Backlink.


When you are writing a post on a keyword on which many blogger’s posts are already ranking on Google as is usually seen, in this case you can only rank on the top of Google when you are high on that post.  Quality backlinks.

Like – through guest post etc  Comment another blog 

Here guide 

How to make top quality backlinks.

6 – Promote blog on social media.

SEO Tips for new bloggers


Apart from Google and youtube, social media has become one such medium in today’s time where most people are active and spend a lot of time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, etc., they see something chat with someone.  Keep doing

And maybe you don’t know that Google also now sees how popular your blog is on these social media platforms, that means how many people like your post on Facebook, Instagram.

Therefore, you have to create related pages from your blog on all social media platforms and regularly share your posts on those pages and try to increase your followers.

This will not only help you in the SEO of the blog, but you also get a lot of traffic through social media.

In last 

I sincerely hope that after reading this post seo tips for new blogger

the new blogger must have got an idea about what things they have to keep in mind while doing SEO on the blog.

If you have any suggestions and questions about this post, then you can comment and tell us.

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