10 reasons why Google doesn’t rank your site ! how to fix it

Why Google doesn’t rank your site, are you struggle for ranking?

Blog is useless without traffic. When we start, we face some problems and the biggest problem is traffic. We all know that Google is the biggest source of traffic. Unfortunately, if Google gets angry with us, then all our hard work goes waste.


If our site does not rank on Google then it is very frustrating. you must have faced this situation at some time, even after doing good SEO, your site or blog is not able to rank in google. We all know that we have worked very hard to design our site.  And more effort has been spent in writing articles and SEO on it.  But even then, if we do not get desirable results then there is a lot of trouble and frustration.

Google is the world’s number 1 search engine and with the help of this search engine, web traffic from all over the world comes to your site.  But if your site is not ranking in Google, then no one will know about you nor will you get web traffic, That is why it is very important for you to know what are the reasons why my site is not able to rank in google.  And if you are frustrated by this, then you have come to the right place.

10 reasons why Google doesn’t rank

More than 60,000 keywords are searched on google every second. In which people discover their problem and questions. It is true that you write your blog keeping in mind the problems and questions of the people, but Google does not give you import, it is a bit disappointing. Just today our topic is why my blog doesn’t rank. today will try to understand with details why Google does not rank my site.

Google collects a lot of information about any website to rank it in its search. Based on which he shows the best website first. And the website which is less good shows it downwards in its search. In Google or any other search engine,

we have to use a lot of technology to make our website visible to people first, so that Google feels that our website is the best result for that search. Together we call all these techniques SEO i.e. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Speaking in easy language, SEO is a group of many techniques, using which we can show our website above in Search Engines. And we can bring more and more people to our website.Let’s understand with some points why Google is unable to rank your site

1. Google has not indexed your website yet

Sometimes it may take a week or more for your website to be indexed in the Google search engine.  The reason for this is that your website is new and does not have any inbound links.  But if your website has inbound links, Google will index your site soon.  Crawler uses inbound links to index any site.

However, no matter how Google will find your website, it may take a few weeks.  If you want a Fast Index for your site and want to see it soon in Google Search result, then add your site in Google Search Console.  Then submit a Sitemap.

Sitemap contains your website URL and helps search engines to crawl your website properly.  While this does not boost your search ranking, it can help index and crawl your content faster. In addition, you can see how your site is  performing in Google throughGoogle Search Console

This does not mean that if you do not add your site in the search console then your site will not rank. Of course you can rank. But it can take some time for your site to be crawled. According to Google’s guideline most of blogging exports if you add your site to the search console, then your site gets indexed quickly and Google recognizes your site quickly.

Quick indexing boosts your site ranking.

It is very important to quickly index your website/blog and to optimize SEO, you add your website to Google Search Console. Google Search Console was also formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools.
Friends Google Search Console provides us with a specific webmaster tools. With the help of which any website owners can monitor and maintain their website. Google Search Console is a free tool given to us by Google company. This is most important for every website owners.
website owners can monitor their website with the help of this tools. So that their website continues to rank in Google search results. This keeps you updated with problems like site error, site security issues, site index issues in your website.
Apart from this, it is useful in tracking your website search ranking and tracking website search performance. Friends, if you are serious about your website or blog and you want your website to grow. So you need to add your website to Google webmaster tools from the first day itself.

2. Do you use very competitive keywords?

We all know how important a keyword plays in ranking any site.  right keyword gives us quick rankings. But is it possible every time I think especially with a new site I find it a bit difficult because a new blogger does not know what kind of keywords I use. Before creating a blog, we need to find better keywords.

If you use single word or short phrase keyword to optimize your website, then your site will not perform better in search result. The reason for this is that single word or short phrase keywords are very competitive.

Always try long tail keyword usage, even if you get less traffic but you have a higher chance of ranking your site. When we write our blog, we do not have the right information for the keyword and we just keep writing. Doing this is just hard work, there is no benefit

If you want traffic in a blog or website, then you have to optimize your content for search engine so that it will rank on search engines like Google, Bing. This process is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

keyword has a very important role in SEO. While writing the article, you have to target those keywords on which you want to rank that article on Google.

If you do not take care of the keyword and do not use it properly then the chances of your blog post being ranked on the search engine will be reduced. And that post will not reach the audience and you will not get traffic from the search engine. Here if you use too much competitive keyword then it can be difficult to rank you. Because your site may be new. Google never trusts new sites to rank sort keywords

What are competitive keywords?

3.If your site has high bounce rate, you may lose rankings.

When we are new in the field of Blogging, there are many such terms which confuse us a lot. Similar to blogging technical term is – Bounce Rate. Many times when we check our blog’s Google Analytics or Alexa Rank etc., we see a segment of bounce rate there. Many new bloggers get confused by seeing this because many times they do not understand it well even after searching about it on the internet.

What is the bounce rate in a website? (What is Bounce Rate)

A lot of people visit your website in a day. Suppose the number of people visiting your website someday is 100. Now it happens very rarely that hundreds of hundred people read many posts in your website. People who visit your website behave in two ways-
The first type of people only read a post (or page) and when they are done, they leave the website.  Other types of people are those who, apart from one post, also read other posts on your website, that is, they roam on your website for a long time.
Now if you assume that out of 100 people who came to your website, 60 people went to read a page, while the remaining 40 people who read more than one page.  Now, if we take this percentage, then 60% people read only one page and 40% more than one. So this means the Bounce Rate of your site is 60% for that particular day because 60% of people leave after reading a page of your website.
now you might have understood the bounce rate quite well. We can define the bounce rate as follows percentage of visitors to website who leave the site after reading one page are counted in the bounce rate, higher worse your site is because most of people leave your website quickly Go away.
You can check your website’s Bounce Rate by logging into a Google Analytics account.  As you can see in the screenshot.

What to do to reduce bounce rate?

On the Internet, you can find a solution to every problem, but it is very important to know whether the result we find is useful for us, so it is very important to research before applying any method. It is great that you are working hard to increase your site search performance. But you should also focus on keeping your Bounce Rate low.
High bounce rate, which shows that there is something wrong in your strategy that you are not able to attract visitors or visitors are not getting good user experience on your site.Below are some ways you can apply on your site.
✅ Improve the quality of your content
✅Fasten your website
✅ Keep Your Blog Clean and Simple
✅Use Related Posts
✅Fix Broken Links on Your Site
✅ Open External Links in New Tabs / Windows
✅ Internal Link
✅Check Cross-Browser Compatible
✅ Make Your Site Responsive
✅ Show Ads Carefully on Your Site
✅ Use Proper Heading Tags
✅Use Images for Articles
✅ Add Search Button to your site
✅ Target the right visitors
✅ Use releted Video
✅ Update Your Old Content
✅ Use Pop-ups with Chalki
✅Move your site to HTTPS
✅Create a Table of Contents for content.
✅ Remove unwanted links and ads
✅ Only focus on user

4. Check your site’s loading time, poor loading time will affect your ranking.

Google always thinks about the user before the publisher. Google never wants its user experience to be poor. The loading time of your site can spoil the user experience if you have not optimized well.  So you need to wake up
Since 2010, Google has included page load speed in its ranking algorithm.  The faster your website loads, the greater its user experience.  In 2010, Google stated that only 1% of search engine results were affected by the page speed ranking signal.
Google Webmaster Central Blog: July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.In this, Google has also made it clear, if your content is the best, then slow load time will not affect your ranking so much.  intent of the search query is still a very strong signal, so a slow page may still rank highly if it has great, relevant content.
Page speed is very important not only in search engine ranking, but also in user experience. do you know that 40% of web users will not go back to that website, if that site takes more than 4 second to load.  Over 47% of internet users expect a web page to be loaded within 2 seconds. Keeping this in mind, you have to optimize your blog in such a way that its load time is reduced.

Why Website Blog Loading Speed ​​is Important

Above your website blog loading speed, it depends on whether your blog’s pages will remain above in the search engine or it will be so much below where users will not be able to reach. Because firstly if the loading speed of your site is low, then Google will not want to bring your pages up in the search engine.
if due to the quality and high quality backlink of your post, your pages also come up and someone clicks on it and it takes too much time to open the page, then the user will not like visiting your page. By the way, Google uses many factors to rank our site and loading speed is an important factor in them.
So keeping in mind everything else, we should also give importance to loading speed and here we will show you many ways to improve it, by following which you can speed up the loading speed of your site.
Because when visitors come to our blog and it takes longer to open the website page. Therefore, they leave that blog and go to another blog website and google never ranks sites that have very high loading times. Which is not good for us and we can’t success without traffic.
By now we have come to know that the loading speed of our blog has to be reduced, but first of all how to check the speed of our site or how to find out what is the loading speed of our site?

 There are many tools online such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Pingdom Tools, Web PageTest etc.  With the help of which you can check the speed of your blog and because of which site load time is more, it gives us complete information about it..

methods to improve loading time

In today’s time, no person likes to wait, if it takes 3 second more to open your website, then 10% people close your website before opening your website. If the number of people visiting your website is less, then it is also due to Website Loading Speed. Let’s make some improvements and claim better ranking in Google

✓ Always Choose the best web hosting
✓ Use nice and light themes
✓ Keep your blog clean and clear
✓ Do not use Sliders in Blog
✓ Compress the size of images
✓ Restrict Html, CSS and Javascript
✓Using Cache Plugin for WordPress
✓ Optimize Database
✓ Limit Advertising, Choose Right Place
✓ Remove Unwanted Widgets
✓ Minimum Post on Homepage
✓ Remove unusual media plugin
You can use some plugins on WordPress to allow you to reduze your site speed. The plugin is just one way you have to work on your own for site speed. Unwanted work done by you can bring down your site and you may be unable to get ranking even if you want.
Too much plugin is also not right for you, it spreads negativity for you and there may be something wrong with your site. One thing to always keep in mind is that the work done by too many plugins is harmful. Google never ranks such a site, just use a plugin that is very important to you. This does not mean that if you use the plugin, you will not be able to rank.
You can get Google ranking, but be limited in the plugin Too much plugin loses its reality, then your site looks like a boat, if you work on the site keeping in mind the Google algorithm, You will never ask why Google doesn’t rank my site Here are some useful plugins you can consider.
✓ W3 Total Cache
✓ WP Super Cache
✓ WP Fastest Cache
✓ Fast Velocity Minify
✓ Autoptimize
✓ Remove Query Strings From Static Resources
✓ WP-Optimize
✓ Wp smush
✓ EWWW Image Optimizer

5. Your website may have a “no index” Tag.

Have you thought about how our content and site reaches Google or how Google shows our site in search results. Let’s know. In order to display your content or site on google search, the content has to go through Spider. No, they are not real Spiders, but this Spider is a program. It crawls your content. If one and more than one link appears in the content, they will also crawl it, and this process repeats.
The crawled content or web-page is placed in Google’s data base, or you can say Google is indexed. So in order to display your content on Google Search, you have to make sure that your website is crawlable by Google’s crawler or by Googlebot.
Then you have to make sure that it is indexed correctly by the indexer which is called Caffeine. Only then you will see your content or website on Google Search. How can you know from Google properly whether your content has been indexed in Google Search? Well, you can’t do that. Like you analyze your website in SEO. This complete operation is possible through custom robot header tags, which we have to setup in our blogger’s settings.
We have to tell Search Engine Robots which data we have to index and which not. Which we can tell them through Custom Robots Header Tags. Google has provided the best SEO settings for its Blogger platform in the form of Custom Robots Header Tags. With the help of which all blogger users can easily rank their blogs and blog articles in search engines.
We have to do the setting of the robot header tag very carefully, if there is some mistake, we may have trouble showing the blog in the search engine.

Tag information used in Custom Robots Header Tags

Many tags are used inside Custom Robots Header Tags and they should be used after having complete information and here we will tell you what tag means-
All – If you want to use all Tag, then it means you do not want to hide any of your posts or data from Search Engine and hence Search Engine will show all your information.
Noindex– If you do not want to get any information of your website indexed in Search Engine, then you can use noindex and this will not enable Search Engine to index your information.
Nofollow – If you use nofollow Tag for a post, Search Engine will not be able to follow the link used in that page. You can use None – None Tag when you want Search Engine to not follw or index any of your information.
Noarchive – Search Engine keeps a copy of your website and if your website is unabaileable at any time, the user can see your website through the Save Copy of your site and this tag closes this fetish.
NoSnippet – If you do some search in Search Engine, then a lot of website opens in front of if we look at a website, in that we have the title, Permalink and Description Show of a website and the description here is called Snippet If you use No Snippet Tag, then your Post does not have Snippet Show.
Noodp – If you use noodp Tag, then Search Engine will not read Meta Tag of your post and if it is not used, then Search Engine shows Duplicate Title and Description on your website which is not right for SEO.
Notranslate – If you select No Translate Tag, then it will not be able to translate your Post or Website into another user because it hide the Tag Translate Option.
Noimageindex – Using this tag, you can prevent the image of your website from being indexed in Search Engine.
Unavailable_After – If you write an ANSI post on your blog that you want to show for only few time in Search Engine, then you can use Unavailable after Tag

Blogger Header Tags Settings Setting

some settings that you can setup in your blogger’s dashboard.
Step 1:Open it in Blogger’s Dashboard and click on the Settings option.
Step 2: In the Settings option, scroll down to find a custom robot header tag.
Custom robot tag
Now you have to enable all the pages that you want to be indexed. You can see that you find three types of options. Home page tags, Archive and search page tags, post and page tag,
Step 3: First select all and noodp in the option with homepage.  So that your homepage will be indexed.
Step 4: Now select noindex and noodp in the archive and search pages so that your search pages will not be indexed.
Step 5: After that select all and noodp in the posts and pages so that all your posts are indexed in the search engine.  You can do the setting by looking in the image given below.

Step 6: Now you have saved all the settings and congratulations, your custom robot header tag has been successfully added. Now it will be easy to read your blog by Google or any search engine Now your post can easily rank.

Add meta tag to wordpress blog via plugins

You can use plugins to add meta tag to WordPress Blog. We will share some popular plugins to add meta tag, but all you have to do is use one of them. We have a list of popular plugins used to add meta tag to your blog.
Yoast seo
All in one seo pack
WP touch
Rank math
Seo press

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How to earn money from telegram


What You know that money can also be earned from Telegram, if not, in today’s post, we will take information about how to earn money from Telegram. Also if you don’t know what Telegram is? So, you have no need to worry, in this post of today we will also know what Telegram is? Is and how can we earn money from Telegram – what can be the ways with which we can earn money through Telegram, we are going to get information about all this

you must have heard a lot about how to earn money from YouTube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and apart from these, there are many such social media platforms from which we can earn money. One such social media platform is Telegram, which we are going to talk about in this post today.

there can be many other ways to earn money from Telegram, but we will only know about the ways that you can do it easily and you can also earn good money with the help of Telegram, so first of all, let us know. What is Telegram and how to earn money from Telegram

Do you know how to earn money from Telegram, if you do not know, then you are going to get complete information in this article, just you have to stay with us.

How to earn money from telegram earn money from telegram channel.

We all use social media, and we spend a lot of time there with our friends, most people use social media to chat and share photos with their friends.But you can also earn money from it, you do not need to work too hard, you just need to give some time.

Today we are going to talk about Telegram, an improved plate form of social media and we will know step by step how to earnmoney from Telegram, earn money from telegram channel

What is Telegram.

In today’s time, telegram is a fast emerging social media and messenger app.Telegram app has more than 200 million active users in the country and the world.


More than 700,000 users join the telegram app every month. For this reason the user base of telegram messenger as well as the user base of telegram channel and telegramgroup is increasing.  Because of which telegram app is becoming a money making platform.


Telegram has many features that make it different from others such as Telegram Groups, Telegram Channel, Telegram Bots, Telegram Stickers etc. On telegram users are earning profit and earning by creating community through telegram channel and telegram group.
Today, as the age of Internet is increasing, the methods of earning money are increasing, many people are doing very good earning with mobile applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, Like, The same now telegram which is a social media application, the use of which is increasing day by day.
Nowadays people use it to increase their business, to interact with people, but if you want, you can also earn a lot of money from it.
But now people do not know how to earn it, but now you do not need to worry about it.  Because today I am going to tell you many ways to earn money from this application.  Of course if you follow the methods given below, you can easily earn a lot of money along with using this application to a large extent.
In today’s time, many online apps are available on the internet. Through whom you can do online chat, video calling, audio calling.  Whatsapp is one of them popular and famous app.  Whatsapp has millions of users.  But if for some reason Whatsapp gets close or pays its services. So what will you do in this case?
 So we will tell you the solution also. But do you know that there was a time when whatsapp was completely stopped for some time in the whole world.  At that time, telegram app was used by more than 50 lakh people.  But why only telegram app, while facebook messenger, Hike, line, Wechat and other online plateform were present.
What are the features in Telegram apk that make it better than Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, hike or other social media platform.  So let’s know Telegram kya hai?  How to use Telegram?
Telegram is a free online cloud-based instant messaging and Voice calling IP application (Internet Protocol).By cloud word it means that telegram does not save your data on the phone and saves it on cloud.
Is it a messaging app if you say the same in simple words? Telegram is free, fast, powerful, secure, simple and reliable messaging app.  You can also send audio, video, text, image, documents, zip etc. with Telegram.
Telegram is user friendly and portable.  Which you can also use on windows, linux, andriod and ios.You can use Telegram on telegram for web, telegram for PC or mobile.
Telegram apk was designed in 2013 by two Russian brothers Nikolai Durov and Pavel Durov.  Nikolai Durov created the MTProto protocol, which is the basis of a messenger, while Pavel Durov’s work was of financial support.
With this, both these brothers also launched Russian social network VK.  Which was later occupied by Mail.ru Group.
Telegram founders say that telegram is completely free. Telegram’s purpose is not to make profit.  They have made it like a non profit organization.The Telegram app is so portable that you can use it on windows, linux, andriod and ios as well.  Telegram was launched on 20 october 2013 for andriod, while the same was launched on 14 august 2013 for iOS.
Where is the Telegram app, telegram is a Russian app.  But due to some local IT rules, they had to leave russia.  After that, between 2014 and 2015, he had an office in Berlin, Germany.  But now Telegram’s office is based in dubai.

Telegram features

We have already told you about the features of Telegram.  But there are many more features in Telegram that make it better than other apps.  So let’s know that Telegram features and Telegram app information in Hindi
Pure Instant messaging: Telegram instant is a cloud-based, simple, secure and fast messaging app.  Telegram has more than 400 million active users.
Synced: You can access Telegram from any device.  You can also type the message from your mobile and send it through your desktop telegram app.  For this, you can use telegram for web or telegram for PC.
Unlimited: You can send unlimited files aur media from your telegram account without any limit.  Telegram does not keep your chat history in your phone and saves it on the cloud.  Which you can access anytime.
Powerful: On Telegram you can create telegram groups and telegram channels.  The limit of Telegram group is up to 200,000 users.  The limit of the same telegram channel is unlimited.  You can also share media, files, documents (.doc, .mp4, .mp3, .zip) and large video files in telegram group and telegram channel.
Bots: Telegram Bots are third party program.  Those who run inside the telegram.  Bots are mostly used to create commands, messages or buttons.
Reliable: Telegram is a most reliable messaging app.  Telegram sends your messages in minimum bytes.  So that you are also active in the weakest mobile connection.
In Fun: Telegram you can send cool stickers, GIF, open sticker while chatting.
Live location: In Telegram, you can also share your telegram live location in a group or telegram channel for a time period.  In the same way, there are many more.
Voice Calls: Telegram gives you voice call facility.
In Pin Function: Telegram, you can pin an important message.  With which it shows group, channel or user at the top.
100% Free and No ads: Telegram is completely free.  Therefore, while using telegram, you do not display ads like other apps.

Telegram security features

We have already told you about the basic features of Telegram.  But telegram also has some advance features.  Which makes the telegram app more secure than other apps.
Secret chat Telegram also gives you the option to chat secretly.  In which you can destroy chat anytime.  After destroying your chat is completely destroyed.  You can also set time to destroy chat.
Multiple device you can use telegram app in multiple devices simultaneously.
Encryption Telegram has 3 layer encryption protection.  Which makes the telegram app extra secure.  While other apps have 2 layer protection.
Password Telegram app has a password protection option.  With which you can also put password on telegram app.  In this way, you do not need to download any additional security app.
 Protocol Telegram MtProtocol basis. Which encrypts user data.
 Public User Name You can also set username in Telegram.  With which you can easily chat or message on telegram without giving your number.  All you have to do is search the user’s username on the telegram.
 Account Self Destruct Telegram also gives you the option of account self destruction.  If you remain inactive on telegram for 1 month, then telegram destroys your account.  1 month is the default period, but you can also set it up to 1 year. Apart from this, it has many other features such as cloud data storage and end-to-end encryption by request etc

How to earn money from telegram

Earning money from Telegram is very easy. Just you have to work a little bit and you too can earn a lot of money from TelegramTelegram is a Messenger App, where we can chat just like Whatsapp. With this you can also do a Secrect Chat here and on Telegram you can create your channel and add millions of people to it.

Telegram provides you with instant messaging service.  With the help of which you can chat with your family, relatives or your friends.  Let me tell you that Telegram is based on Cloud Based System.  This means that whatever data will be saved in the online cloud storage of all Telegram and not in the storage of your phone.

Telegram also gives you features like Whatsapp and all other messaging apps.  But Telegram is better than all other applications in terms of safety.  Apart from this, you can also easily share large files on Telegram.

What is Telegram channel?

If you use Telegram app, then you will see a feature of Telegram channel, it is very important for you to know about it, then let us know!Friends, if you use Whatsapp then you probably know about Whatsapp Broadcasting feature!

If you understand the use of broadcasting feature in less words, then through the broadcasting feature, we can deliver a message to hundreds of users at once!

For example, if you want to send a message to 200 Whatsapp contacts, you can create new broadcasts and add those 200 members to that list!  And now you type that message in the broadcast list created and send it!  So it will reach 200 users in one go.

But the major difference between Telegram Channel and Whatsapp Broadcasting feature is that you can add up to 200 members in Whatsapp Broadcasting!  But there is no limit to add Members to Telegram channel.

Yes, yes, amazing feature!  Friends, if there are 200 members in your Telegram channel, then after that any person can join your Telegram channel through public or private link!

There are also two types of Telegram channels, the first Private Channel and Public Channel!

Public channels have a username!  And any person can easily search that channel and join it.On the other hand, to join Private Channel, you have to click on the Invitation link!  Creating a private channel is especially beneficial when you create that channel for a particular community.

Apart from this, the special thing about Telegram channel is that under this you can share files up to 1.5 Gb with your members.

How to create telegram channel

To create a Telegram channel, you will see the Menu option at the top of the left side. Tap on it!

#Now you click on Create channel here.

#After that enter the name of the channel!  Also, type the description of that channel.

#After that, now you have to decide whether to make it a public channel or a private channel!  After dissecting it, click on the tick above.

#After that you can either add the members to this channel or you can proceed by clicking on the Arrow given below.

So friends, after completing so many steps, your telegram channel is ready!

What is Telegram Group?

Friends, Telegram Group is like Whatsapp group, but it is a bit different!  Because when you have 200 members in your Telegram group, you can now convert that group into a Supergroup!  Yes yes
If you want to create a group to interact with your friends and relatives in Telegram, then Basic Group is the best for you!

But if you want to form a group of people from a large organization or community!  So you can create Telegram Super Group.  Friends, you can add up to two lakh members in Telegram Super Group.  Friends are not great!

How to create Telegram Group?

#Click on the menu at the top left to create a Telegram Group!

#Then tap on New Group.

#So now Telegram users will be seen in front of you!  Now select the users you want to add to Telegram contacts.

#Now enter the name of your Telegram Group here and tap on the right above!Congratulations on doing so!  Your Telegram Group will be created!

after that create a link or url to your channel, always keep your channel public.

because the more people your  You will get more benefit from connecting with the channel, so keep your channel in private, always keep it public,

here you can also see a friend list so that you can add your friend to your channel. You can also add or invite people from your channel’s link.

Note Friends, you have to keep in mind that you should make channels on the same topic on which you have a lot of knowledge

remember the topic on which you can write too much or you can tell people, do not create random channels, so that you  Do not get bored with it after writing the day or you have nothing left to write,

So friends, you may be thinking that we want to know about making money from Telegram, but why is Telegram Group Telegram channel being told here.  Friends, we need to understand that Telegram groups and channels are needed to make money from Telegram, so we have tried to tell you how you can create your channel in your group.

See, we all know that it is very important to have an audience to earn online, irrespective of the platform, you cannot do online earning or marketing of any without audience.and telegram gives us the opportunity to be able to gather a good audience in one place, for this we have to create telegram Group or Telegram Channel where we can connect more and more people in one place.

How to grow and promote your Telegram channel or group

Once you have created a channel, it is time to grow your following and start monetizing your efforts.  Here are some easy tips to make money and increase your audience on Telegram channels.

Create a name that is easy to remember and reflects the personality of your brand.  Don’t be a copycat, think of a unique name.  This will help you stand out from your competitors.

Make sure your logo is memorable and reflects your brand and its values.

List the benefits of your brand in your channel description.

Create high-quality, compelling content that will impress ragas with your audience and provide solutions to their pain points.  Use a variety of content formats, including photos, gifs, short videos, etc.

Watermark your images or videos.  This will help you get more eyes on your channel.

Post continuously.  Map the posting schedule and paste it.

Make sure that there is no irrelevant or outdated content on your channel.  This can be an off-put for newbies.  If you find this kind of material, remove it.

Promote your channel on social media and Q & A platforms like Quora.

Use your blog to promote your Telegram channel.  For this, place a link to your channel on your blog and vice versa, embed a link to your blog in your channel’s bio.

Host giveaways on your channel or offer a lead magnet.

Join another chennal and groups in your niche and actively participate in discussion.  Promote your channel in the discussions you are participating in.

Never change the theme of your channel.  If you need to expand the range of subjects, choose something related to the main topic.list your channel in the channel directories.

Personalize your channel with the help of Telegram stickers. apart from adding some fun to the channels, branded stickers are perfect for increasing your brand awareness and increasing engagement on your channel.

What is the telegram called statistics?

In today’s time, telegram is a fast emerging social media and messenger app.  Telegram app has more than 400 million active users in the country and the world.  More than 1.5 million users join the telegram app every day.  For this reason, the user base of telegram messenger as well as the user base of telegram channel and telegram group is increasing.  Because of which telegram app is becoming a money making platform.

On Telegram,users are earning profit and earning by creating community through telegram channel and telegram group.

Making money from Telegram is very easy.  Just you have to work a little bit and you too can earn a lot of money from Telegram.  So let’s know that how to earn mony from telegram.

How to earn money from telegram.

Friends, I have tried to tell you all the information in detail. Above you know what is Telegram, what is Telegram Group, what is Telegram channel,How to earn money from Telegram, I told you this because you understand it well. I don’t want you to miss any topic.
Telegram is one of the most popular way to earn money online, affiliate marketing is all about promotions and selling products of specific companies and earning commission from every product you sell.Making money from telegram, is this even real?  can we earn money from telegram?
What if I say yes you can?  There is no limit how much you can earn from your telegram channels. Read this article till the end & decided 100% sure to able to make money if you follow my strategies.  But remember you have to apply these tips. You did just make money without doing anything.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online, especially from Telegram.  Now many questions will be coming in your mind like what is affiliate marketing, how to start it, etc.  Affiliate marketing means selling products from specific companies and earning commissions from every product you sell.

In today’s time, every company offers a program to promote its product, which is called affiliate program.  Where a person promotes or sells that company’s product, then the company gives him some commission.

If others say in words, promoting a company’s product and earning commission in return is called affiliate marketing.

You can also promote another company’s product on telegram channel.  And you can earn commission.  For this, you can join the affiliate program of amazon affiliate marketing, flipkart affiliate, Snapdeal affiliate, Ali Express.

All you have to do is promote these company’s products on your telegram channel.  Now if any telegram channel subscriber buys a product promoted by you, then you get commission.

People mostly focus on social media to earn money from affiliate marketing because a large number of people are doing it on social media.  Such as: – Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube and Telegram etc.  In such a situation, if you have some of these social media accounts, then you can use them to earn money.
people are earning money by sharing links for Affiliate Marketing on Telegram.  We can say Telegram specifically for Affiliate Marketing because people gather on telegram channels only for one interest.  Then we can provide those links easily, for this we do not have to work very hard.

If you have a slightly popular telegram channel, then you can get a good income from there like other people are withdrawing.

2. Paid promotions

When you gain some subscriber on telegram channel, then your telegram channel starts appearing in telegram search.  By which the advertiser contacts you to show ads on telegram channel.  Now you can charge money from advertiser to show ads on telegram channel.Paid promotion is a good way to monetize the Telegram channel.  Where you get paid to show ads on telegram channel.
Paid Promotion is a process in which people give you any product, website, profile etc.  Speak to promote.And in return, you also pay.  They do this so that their product reaches as many people as possible.
The more people will be members on your telegram channel, the more money you will get for promoting you.  In this case, if you have a good and big telegram channel.So you will not have to work very hard to get a good income.  Promoting is as easy as uploading a post on Facebook or Instagram, you can also call it shout out.
Shout out word is used where someone promotes you for free.  Promotion is also similar to shout out,But in this you have to pay to get shout out.  On Telegram, you can create a group of people with interest in the same things. And can provide things of their own interest there.  For example, if someone likes to play games, then you can provide new applications of games by forming a group of such people.
By doing this, more people will come there who have interest in gaming.  Then you can also do paid promotion of any person there.
For example, if someone has prepared a game, you can share that game there and take pay from the owner of that game.Which is not a difficult task at all.  You may have to work hard to prepare a Telegram channel and provide good service there.
If you have more subscriber on Telegram Channel, then you can promote others Telegram Channel, YouTube Channel or Website and you can take money in exchange for promoting the channel from them. You can also earn a lot of money in this way.

3. Subscription Fees.

You can charge subscription fees by creating a private channel.  You can create channels related to trading tips, educational, make money tips or share market tips.  If you create a channel related to share market tips.  So you can give users related tips from share market.  When users ask for any tips related to the share market, then you can charge subscription fees on joining the channel.

Subscription is the best way to how to earn money from telegram Now friends, some people do this while creating Telegram channel, they make private channel!  Do not make public channels and provide their services in it!
You have to create a private channel in your telegram!  What would you benefit from if you share your knowledge on your channel!  So you can charge any monthly or even money to join your channel!  You can consider it as a model like the coaching institute of India!
In what they do, the teacher has very good knowledge about any subject!  So he does not give it to the free course, he charges money for it!  Meaning if you have to do a subject course from them, then you have to charge money for that first!  In the same way, if you also have knowledge in any subject that people do not know from Boht!
So by charging his money, you can share that knowledge with the people!  For that you create a private channel and keep Subscription Based Service in it!  If a customer wants to connect with your channel, then they have to charge money for month or year!
Only then will your service reach them!  Friends, this is also a very beneficial idea of ​​earn money from telegram।

4. YouTube Video Sharing.

If you have a YouTube channel, then you can share videos of YouTube channel on your telegram channel.  The way users watch your YouTube videos.  In this way, the watch time of your YouTube channel videos increases.  With which you can monetize YouTube channel with google adsense.  With this you can grow YouTube channel along with telegram channel.

If you do not have a Youtube channel, then you can do the same thing for any other Youtuber.  For this, you can charge money from Youtuber.  This way you get money and Youtuber gets views and subscriber.  How to earn money from Telegram channel in Hindi Youtube video sharing is also a good option.

 ​5. Sell Your Service and Products.

When your telegram channel starts to grow, you build a community.  Through which you can sell your products or service to telegram members.

If you are a graphic designer, you can sell graphic design products like, designs, fonts, graphic design course or graphic design stuff.

In addition, you can also provide graphic design service to a channel member.  In this way you can do freelancing for that and also earn money from freelancing.

6. Sell ​​Your Channel.

When you create a good user base on telegram channel, then you can also sell telegram channel.  Set a good price for your telegram channel and transfer the ownership to a potential client.

Nowadays this method is also going on that you can sell a telegram channel.  In return, the person making the purchase gives you a very good price for that channel.
Now some people will wonder whether we too can sell our telegram channel.  So let me tell you that anyone can sell their telegram channel. Many people are already doing this. How to earn money from telegram just you have to popularize your telegram channel.  In return you will be able to make a good income.
If seen, you will not have to work very hard to do this work.  You can easily do this work by sitting in your house.Just you have to make that telegram channel a bit famous and reach people.  After that, you can easily sell it.
A simple calculation is that the more members on your Telegram Channel, the more expensive your ID will be sold.  In this way you can prepare a lot of IDs and earn as much money as you want by making IDs.

After this you create another channel, increase the user base and engagement on it and then sell it.  In this way, you can earn $ 50 to $ 500 by selling telegram channel.  The price of your telegram channel depends on the telegram channel members and the engagement rate.

7. Telegram bots.

Telegram is a free app.  Because of which telegram code is also open for everyone.  If you have knowledge of software coding, then you can make money from telegram app by creating telegram bots.

Nowadays, many telegram channel owners share video links on their channels.  Because of the link, the video opens in another tab or in a video player.  Now telegram bots are used to make the video streaming on the telegram app itself.

Just now you have to create telegram bots and sell its subscription to telegram channel or telegram group owners.

 8. URL shortener.

You can also earn money from telegram by using URL shortener website.  Here, you have to shorten the link of any video, audio or file to the telegram channel by shortening the URL with a shortener. When any telegram channel member clicks on that link, you get some money from it.Now the more people click on your link, the more you earn money.

If you are doing such a post public on your telegram channel.  In which you are sharing a link. So you can earn from that post.  Now you must be thinking that how can this happen, the link you are using in your post will give you money by earning.
If you are sharing a simple link in your post, then you cannot earn from it.  To generate that different link, you have to apply a process, which is called link shortening.  Many websites do the work of link shortening.
When you share that new link in your post, it gets a lot of visitors.  When a visitor clicks on any link on your website, there will be an Advertisement show before the link is opened.  You earn money from the same Ad.  Some part of the money coming from Ad keeps a link shortening website and the remaining part pays you.
Each company has its own different pay rate.  You can use whatever website provides you the best rate. The more people click on that link in your post, the more money you will be able to earn.
to earn more and more money you need to reach that link to as many people as possible.  In such a situation, if you have a telegram channel, then you can earn a good income from its help.
But here you have to share the link only after link shorting from the Link Shortner Website.  Here you can use Urlking.IN this Link Shortenr Website. Because I use it myself and it gives you money in Real.

9. Refer and earning app and website

Friends, you can also open a Telegram Channel on which you can tell people about new websites and apps to earn money online.  In this, you can share your Referral Link for App Download and Website Registration.
You must be aware that websites and apps have a Referral System for their promotion, which greatly benefits the users.  You will be aware that many websites and apps also pay Rs 100 per Refer.  So friends this is also a good way to earn Telegram Channel Se Paise.
There are so many applications filled on the Internet that give you money per refer.  That is, if you send them to any person.And that person downloads that app.  So that application gives you a fix amount to do this work.  Each application has its own different amount.
Just think Telegram App se Paise kaise kamaye, if you also get 20 rupees for referring an application, then how many people can you send that application.If you make 5 people download that app then you will get 100 ₹.  If you make this app download to 500 people. So you can earn 10,000 ₹.  Yes, it seems very easy to say this, but if you have a telegram channel, then you will find it very easy to do it too.
If you tell about that app over there, why won’t people listen to you and why not download that app from your link to earn money.Whoever will read your post will definitely download that app from your link.  In this case, all you have to do is to make the app accessible
And in this thing telegram provides you many people at one place. Which makes you work even easier.
By the way, you might be aware that there are already many such channels on Telegram, who are making a lot of money from their Telegram Channel by telling people about apps with Refer and Earn.
It is not too late, you can still make a channel of your own and take advantage of Mokay, because what if you find it difficult to grow Telegram Channel like YouTube after some time.

11. Donation

Friends, if you provide any Primium content in your channel for free.  And you help follower.  Then you can give your Paytm or Phonepey, Google Pey id for donation on your Telegram channel.
Friends, you can earn Paise from this method too.  Friends, to earn money from this method, you have to give something to your followers that they have not got from anyone else and if you help those people, then you will definitely get donation.

12. Sponsorship.

Friends sponsorship meaning purpose!  Sponsorship is the next idea of ​​how to make money with Telegram!  Like we told you earlier that the more subscribers will be on your Telegram channel!
The more sources will be open for you to earn money from Telegram!  So if you have got enough subscribers then you can get sponsorship too!  If your channel in any way comes to the notice of the sponsors, then you can get sponsorship of the companies!
Understand that if your channel is technologically related then you will get that kind of sponsorship!  If your channel is channel health related then you will be asked to promote any product related to health!  Meaning that you will get the kind of sponsorship that your channel is related to!

13. Create PPD Network

Friends, this is a powerful way to earn money from Telegram, we also use it every day, but we do not pay attention to what it is, so for that I should tell that PPD means pay par download. 
If you use Telegram itself, then you must have downloaded something through a link from some Telegram Group or channel.  Just like a movie video or image. Have you ever wondered what is the benefit of sharing this link to the owner of this Telegram group or channel, friends, this is a PPD network.  Their aim is to make the link reach to as many people as possible and to compile more and more downloads
In this, you have to upload any file like image, movie, software on the website and put its link in your Telegram channel or group.  Now you have to download this file as much as you can. Your earning will be on every download, that is, the more you are able to download, the higher your earning will be
I can suggest some site name from where you can create your PPD network. This is a very trustworthy website, you use them, you are going to benefit a lot.
  • User Cloud
  • Upload Ocean
  • Daily Uploada

14.Divert traffic to your blog or youtube

If your Telegram channel is a good subscriber and you do YouTube channel or blogging then this idea is for you!  Friends, there are many types of traffic source types such as YouTube, blogging, Instagram, there are many such traffic source types!
If you have a YouTube channel, you can send subscribers of your Telegram channel to your YouTube channel!  If you do blogging, you can still send your subscribers to your blog and earn a lot of money!

15. Sell Ads on Telegram.

This is the most popular and best way to earn money from Telegram channel.  Through this you can earn a lot of money from your channel.  In most countries like Iran, South Africa, India, Russia, AIDS is sold on Telegram channel.
 There are two types of selling
  1.  Install ads to cross promote any other telegram channel.
  2. Use Ads to promote a company or brand.
The company first contacts the administrator of Telegram channel to sell their product and then deals with them that we want to promote our product on your channel.  Then they get Dell confirmed there, then the administrator earns money from Telegram by placing ads on his channel.
This source of income is in the sense that the traffic going there is an additional traffic!  And maybe due to the advertisements that are on your YouTube channel or on your blog, your earning will increase!  Because you are getting more and more traffic!
And traffic only means income!  So you can send traffic of your Telegram channel to your YouTube channel or blog!  And you can send traffic from the blog or YouTube channel to your Telegram channel!  This is also a very good source of income!

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