Keep your JIO phone updated.

In this world of technology and internet, we have become very fast, we get everything that we need with a touch of the finger, it is possible that we have internet and many smart devices connected to it. Such as smart phones, tabs, computers, laptops etc.

But it is not possible that every person has smart technology such that even today many people use feature phones. Whom to update a little smile Let’s start with our today’s topic how to update jio phone.

Update your jio phone and get a new version

how to update the software of Jio phone, many people have many questions in their mind. When Reliance launched Jio Phone in the Indian market, people did not believe that they can get features like SmartPhones in this cheap Jio Phone.

As we know that Reliance Jio Phone is a feature smartphone. Initially, it is similar to a basic phone and does not have many features. But if you update its software, then you get to see many new and attractive features. But now the question arises how to update Jio phone?

The answer to this question is necessary for Jio users because if the software of the Jio phone is not updated, then you will not be able to enjoy its new features and many apps. In such a situation, many Jio Phone users are very upset and they have to know how to update the software of Jio Phone.

So today I thought that why should you be provided with information about the method of updating the software of Jio Phone  so that you too can get all the features and updates of Jio in your Jio Phone. Then without delay, let’s start and know about the latest software of Jio Phone

Apart from this, we will also be able to know why we should do Jio Software Update and how to do it.

Why should Software Update of Jio phone

There are many benefits of updating the Jio phone like we have already told you that not all the features are already available in the Jio phone. Therefore, it is necessary to update the Jio phone.

Apart from this, Reliance company keeps adding new features in Jio Phone from time to time,

company adds new features to it from time to time and Jio Phone Users have to install these Updates to get it. Apart from this, there are many reasons which are very important to know about them and after knowing these, all doubts will be clear in your mind regarding the Jio phone update

1. After updating the live phone, many problems like phone hang, crashing come to an end.

2. This greatly increases the speed of Jio Phone.

3. With this, the battery life of Jio Phones increases significantly, which was less earlier and users have to charge the battery again and again.

4. With this update many new latest features are added to Jio Phone which were not mehud before.

5. All the Bugs and Errors used by Operating System or Application Software are also fixed.

What to do before updating the software of Jio Phone

Before updating the Jio phone, you have to take care of the below mentioned things so that your Jio phone is easily updated.

  • First of all, check that your jio phone has internet. That is, you should have reliable internet connection or else you may face problems later.
  • Make an internet connection ON before updating the phone.
  • Also check his battery in Jio Phone, as it should not be updated in low battery.
  • If you follow all the steps given above, then you can start the process of software update, you are almost done.

How to software Update your JIO Phone

1. For this, you must first open the setting in your jio phone.

2. By doing this you can see the option of device information at the bottom, there you have to click that to proceed.

3. After this you have to click on LYF Software Update.

4. The update of your jio phone starts as soon as a user clicks it.

5. This process may take from 5 Minutes to 10 Minutes to complete. In this, it depends on Internet Speed, how fast it is running.

6. After downloading the Jio phone update, the jio phone automatically gets reset automatically.

7. Congratulations to you. Now your live phone has been updated for your use.

If you follow these steps properly and sequentially, then you will be able to update your Jio Phone correctly. You will not face any problem in this. It is very easy to follow these steps. If you face any problem in getting updated then you can get a solution to your problem by going to your nearest jio store, that is also absolutely free.



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