Blogging is a very good and well settled profession, but most bloggers make some basic mistakes when starting a blog, which later become the reason for the closure of their blog.There is no doubt that the competition in blogging is increasing, so as the competition increases, new bloggers will have as much difficulty in establishing their foothold.   

In today’s digital era, if you have to come in front of people, then online is the only way where you can be present through videos or you can reach out to millions of people simultaneously through your content. In Blog, Blogger means authors express their views on a topic. If you are interested in any subject. And you think that Topics related to your interest can be useful for people. So you should spread your knowledge to people as blog content. And instead you can earn money online by associating it with Google AdSense.
Friends, this post today is for those who want to come in the blogging field or who have just started blogging.  In today’s post, I am going to tell you that if you want to make your carrier in blogging, then you will have to avoid some of your mistakes.

What is the reason that we make big mistakes in the early days of blogging

Going far beyond reality, videos on Youtube share such information with the aim of gaining more viewers;  Which is not possible to get as soon as possible.  Yes!  In this, available on Google – blog websites also leave no stone unturned and new people who are entering the blogging field.  They are told that you can make a lot of money from the blogging field;  Which is not so easy.

Friends, we have seen many such bloggers;  Those who work very hard in the beginning.  But, seeing success not coming hands turn away from the blogging field.  Because, what are the important things to be considered before creating a blog?  They didn’t know This is the only big reason and they keep making mistakes, and they do not get success.

In the field of blogging, there is hardly any blogger who has never made a mistake, to become a successful blogger, you need to work hard as well as experience. This experience comes from teaching us repeatedly and making mistakes.

“Failure is the first step to success” You must have heard this saying. It means in any field, when you do any work, you fail many times, but you have to learn a lot more than your failure. And our experience also increases with this failure.

In the field of blogging like this, good thinking, hard work, and many failures are also hidden behind the success of all successful bloggers. If you are also in the field of blogging, then you will also have many types of mistakes.

Often, all the new bloggers in the blogging field also make some common mistakes, but sometimes it happens that instead of correcting these mistakes, many bloggers leave this field which is a wrong decision somewhere.

So today, through this article, we will learn about some special mistakes that every blogger often makes, if you too are making any of these mistakes, then read about them and improve them.

Some time we get frustrated and think no more but this is your real test. whenever this is completed after writing the artical, then a rah of hope Aries in the minde that this time this artical is so amazing, it will definitely be on Google trending but the the regard is heartfelt everytime this hard work goes to waste and your effort is put in the article hope turns to despair.

So what not to write an article .. So what to leave writing .. So what to leave my thoughts on the blog .. Thought a little .. And then came another thought… Never… It is not possible to write .. write article  , Keep your thoughts, pick up the laptop and do Typing .. This is no work but my habit .. I can leave everything but I cannot leave my Habit .. Then .. picked up the laptop and started typing…

What should I do .. love that is blogging and laptop is my companion .. incomplete without it my story .. it will keep going and I will keep writing articles .. no i mean being famous .. no i mean earning money ..  I keep my thoughts that this is the real earning ..

Everything will be snatched even then I will continue to earn my love to earn it .. Some people are still connected, after some time there will be convoy .. Now they have started and will be done after some time.  Neither do I have any goal nor my destination .. The hard work and love you get for writing the article is my real Arnig. Today, every new article crosses 1000 View, as soon as you see it, you will start doing 10 thousand views.

15 such blogging mistakes are made by new blogger.

What do people generally understand by blogging? Blogging – Means A Lot Of Money!  Most people do blogging only so that they can earn big money.  When a lot of money is not made even after a long period of time, people think it is better to leave it.  Think, “Let’s do something new now”!
Wrong!  Blogging is not like this at all.  And tell me that is it better to dig four wells than to dig a big well in one place? first of all it is important to understand what blogging is after all!
If we look around us, then it is understood that a human being don’t know everything completely.  But at different times in his life, he needs such information again and again, which he has remained ignorant till now or which he probably knew before, but has now completely or partially forgotten.
Since this information has become very important for him now, he finds that information very active.The easiest way is “GOOGLE”!
Just opened GOOGLE, wrote your question or Keyword – and – get this – many answers for you!  And all these answers are not the imagination of any poet, but are the answers given by the experts of this field after thorough investigation.  You can easily believe them – and more so – how can you test the credibility of these answers – this method is also available in those answers.
So, how simple!  Just wrote the question and spot the Expert Answer. But all this is easy only for the questioner. One is going to prepare these answers – Blogger and it is a difficult task to prepare these answers.
Most of us dream of a lot of money when we get involved with blogging, but we are not mentally prepared for the hard work that needs to be done to fulfill that dream.  As a result, we soon give up. So friends, this was the main reason and biggest mistake why new bloggers quit blogging soon.
Additionally, to be a good blogger, a person needs to develop the qualities necessary for him.  Learn how to be a good blogger – know this and also do the hard work for that.
It takes time to learn.  Do give this time to yourself.  It is very important to spend time on your own development.
Let’s talk about our topic for which we are reading this today, and know which are the mistakes that are often made by the new blogger.

In this field of competition, if your competition can be from other blogs, never be afraid of it, because where is an atmosphere of competition, you are always motivated to do better and never consider yourself at the top.  Even with a new blogger, you can learn to do something which may be going to be good in the journey of your blog, so we should always have a sense of learning from others, if you continue with this goal, then surely  You can become a successful blogger.Now let us know what mistakes we make in our blogging

1. Goalless:Has anyone forced you into blogging?

First of all ask yourself what am I doing, what is my goal, because unless you choose your destination you cannot succeed, without aiming you just walk blind, it is like shooting arrows in the dark.

One of the most common blogging mistakes bloggers make is believing that if they write, and audience will come, and they can write anything and generate ideas and revenue.  It hurts you in many ways.  First of all, if you don’t have a goal for the blog, it risks becoming an online diary and loses interest to almost anyone except your immediate mobile circle. your blog can be limited to family and some friends.

Second, even if you do not have a set goal, an ambiguously focused blog will suffer periodic posts that reduce its focus. Know why you are blogging.  Are you writing about a technical area that you know well to promote your consultation?  Then you have to write specifically about the technical subject and should not throw in posts about your personal life or politics.
Are you blogging for the newsletter in hopes of turning website visitors into buyers or signups?  Then all your content on the blog needs to include a call to action to sign up for the newsletter or refer to the content they can purchase, as well as references that the content is available online for free.  Better than samples.
Are you writing about being a mother and hoping to make money by doing so?  Then keep the discussion focused on children and parenting. Consider this as an example.

2. Not consistently updated

The second biggest mistake that a lot of bloggers do is not being consistent with your blog. Consistency is very important. If you do not upload a regular post on your blog, then you are not consistent. And according to Google’s algorithm, your blog is considered outdated. Many bloggers write a few posts on their amateur blog and complain that traffic is not coming to your blog.
To gain success in anything you need to do hard and smart work + consistency. You cannot get success without these, maybe for a short time you will get success but for the long run, consistency requires. When you work hard on your blog with consistency, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful blogger.

 3. Not Learning new skills

Blogging and SEO are vast and many new techniques appear every month.But you are not learning new skills and techniques. You are will face difficulties later You should always keep learning new skills and techniques. All successful people say that we should never stop learning new skills because there is no age to learn anything.
You will have to learn new skills and techniques and implement them in your amateur blog. Never be afraid to use your skills. From time to time, new things keep coming into the market. As soon as a new thing comes, you should first learn it and apply it to your blog.

4. Not being able to choose the right topic,

Yes, it is true that our wrong path never takes us to the destination, it can lead us astray or turn back and we do not want to wander in this world of blogging nor turn back.
To become a successful blogger, you have to choose the right topic.  A good topic makes your blog bigger and people start liking your blog.  While selecting Topic, most new bloggers follow some other blog, which is earning good money.
While deciding the topic for your blog, keep this in mind, how much knowledge you have about that topic and whether or not you have interest in that topic.  Without sufficient information, you cannot sustain long on any topic.
Passion and interest are very important for blogging, otherwise after some time you will become bored with that topic.  According to me, you choose the same topic on which your interest is and on which you can write more and more posts.
Apart from this, you also have to research, how much is the demand of the topic you are choosing and its competion on the internet.

How to choose right topic

If you also want to start a blog or have done it, then you have to choose your blog’s niche after thinking very carefully. If you make a slight mistake in it, then it will be difficult to become a successful blogger. Because you know that in today’s time there are competitors in every niche. In such a situation, it will be difficult to win over your competitors if you choose a wrong niche.
☑️ Your Interest And passion:
☑️ Test Your Knowledge:
☑️ Check The Level Of Competition:
☑️ Analyze The Competition:
☑️ Select Multi Topic to Target Audience:
☑️ Profitability of the Niche:

5. Not choosing the right blog name

You must have heard that what is kept in the name, it is just a saying that works accurately on some subject. But in blogging, the name itself gives you the identity, what is the name of your blog, it is important for your user to know. Choosing a good domain for any website or for a blog is a very difficult task if you keep a child’s name in your life, then think a lot for it, but whatever name you keep, that name is also someone else’s. it happens. So make you different
Niche (Topic) is the first place of blogging, according to which Niche (Topic) you want to create your blog, according to that you should select the best domain name for your blog website. For any website, its Domain Name Matter very much, so you should pick a best domain name that matches your Blogging Niche by applying a little time for Best Domain Name Selection for your blog. By seeing which people can know what your blog is about.
Domain Name is a brand of yours, just like we decide a good name for a new business before starting it, similarly the Domain Name should also be decided because later on it will become your brand name, Google as an example. , Yahoo They have all become a brand with the Domain Name.
You should not make any haste in Freinds, Domain Name Selection, because if you have selected a wrong domain name in a hurry, and you do not like it going forward and you want to change it, then you You will have to start a new one because your old domain has already been indexed in Google, and your post rank will have started, in such a situation it will be difficult for you to get the new domain indexed again.
It is very important that you keep the name associated with the subject on which you are going to write a blog so that your users will be able to remember your blog easily and it helps a lot to increase ranking in Google as well.   For example, suppose you write a technical blog, the names of some famous websites related to it are such as techcrunch, gadgets360 If you write on travel, then you add some related keywords to your domain name, always try to make sure that your keyword is added to your domain name. then you should also choose some names related to your topic for your blog.
Can we do this? I think in the beginning we don’t do this and this is the biggest mistake of the new blogger. They select the domain name randomly.ाIf you want your blog to be a popular blog or if you want to convert your blog into a business, then your domain name has a big role in it.

Let us know how to choose the correct name of the blog

✅ Your domain name should be similar to your business or the purpose for which you are creating your website.
✅ Domain Name should be very short, easily spoken and worth remembering.
✅ It would be best that it should be unique and new.
✅ Do not use two identical letters in the name.
✅ Do not use numbers and dashes
✅ Using Top Level Domain as Exact and Half Keywords
✅ Protect domains and brands
✅ Using Keywords
✅ Research properly
✅ Do not delay in registering or buying
✅ Add your local business to the domain
✅ Find good sources for your domain name like Go Daddy, Bigrock, Hostgator etc.

6. Bad design, your blog doesn’t look like professional.

It matters a lot, especially from the user’s point of view, in the beginning we do not understand much and the way we see others, we start following it, this is our biggest mistake. We do not think that there is any difference between me and him, and we start walking sheep

The new blogger’s mind keeps on how to better design his blog.He wants his blog to be better than other blogs and he works hard for this.Knowing how to design a blog is very important for every blogger. If you have created a blog, now you have to design it properly to give your blog a good look. Because when you create a new blog, its design is very bad. Which both visitors and search engines do not like.

Therefore, after creating a blog, it is very important to design it first. Blog designing is a very critical work. If you do not do it properly and change the design again and again, it will not be right for your blog.Therefore, after creating a blog, first of all, he has to design well.

Let’s know how to give a great design to blog

Everyone knows how important it is to design in a blog. Some bloggers who design your blog so well that they can not know the blog, this blog is on Blogger or on WordPress the design of the blog will be as much as Visitor will like it.Everyone wants our blog to look like a website and my blog should show on the first page of google. For this, you update the new design in the blog and do better design.
If you want to design a blog / website well then you must use the paid template and theme because in the free template or themes you do not see anything that you will be able to design on the blog by editing it. If you want your blog to be in the top ranking and more Visitor on your blog, then make the blog as far as possible and simple design. So that Visitor can read the post easily. Here are some points that you can follow.
✅ Get a domain name that represents your blog name
✅ Use a professional theme.
✅ Create your blog logo.
✅ Add important pages like Home, About, FAQ, Contact, Privacy Policy
✅ Connect your blogger blog to your social media accounts
✅ Setup the menu navigation bar.
✅ Make commenting easy and visible.

7. Not Choosing the Right or Better web Hosting.

Choosing the right thing at the right time makes you better. Once you start well, you find success more sweet. This can play a big role in your blogging success.

8. Not being able to choose the right keywords are not doing keyword research.

The biggest way of blogging is to use the right keywords, how your keyword is, it determines how your blog will run. Without keywords, you can’t go a few steps further,Keyword is the source through which people visit your blog or a page.

DfDndndmdWhile blogging, you must have faced this situation at some time, even after doing good SEO, your site or blog is not able to rank in googleWe all know that we have worked very

While blogging, you must have faced this situation at some time, even after doing good SEO, your site or blog i

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