To apply Google Adsense for a new website, you must follow the basic steps.

Google Adsense

Hello friends, today I want to share very good information if you are a blogger or a website owner, then this post is going to be very important and useful for you. today topic is ADSENSE apply for a new website 

Besic tip for adsens apply for a new website.

If you are a blogger or run a website, then you will be well aware of Google Adsense approval. And you will also know why Google Adsense is important for you.

Because all bloggers want their website to be approve with Google Adsense But most bloggers hurry in that they apply for Google Adsense without knowing the Google Adsense policy correctly, so that their blog will not be approved for Adsense.

First of all I want to briefly tell you what is Google Adsense

What is google adsense and why important for you. 

To apply Google Adsense for a new website, you must follow the basic steps.

Google Adsense

If you have reached here then you will know exactly what Google Adsense is but for those who do not know or who are new or are thinking of starting a blog,

I want to tell you what Google Adsense is As you will know from the name, Google Adsense means the ads given by Google on your website or blog.

Google promotes different company and brand and its promotion means blogger or any website that runs but now you are wondering why Google will give ad on our blog or website 

So let me tell you that Google Adsense is absolutely free, for this you have to get your blog or website approved with Google Adsense.And today we will tell you how to prepare a new website for Google Adsense. and to apply google adsense for a new website you must follow the basis step. 

What is importance of Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a free service and every blogger wants his blog or website to be accessed by AIDS, the biggest reason is that you can make money with the help of

Google Adsense.Today, many bloggers are working millions of rupees at home with the help of Google Adsense, Google gives all bloggers the opportunity to earn money with the help of Adsense.

If your blog or website gets approved for AIDS, then you too can earn money from your blog.

Google Adsense is a advertising program.  Through which we can monetize our blog, website, youtube channel.  And you can earn big money through your content.  The more traffic you can bring to your website, the more your earnings will increase.  

Apart from Adsense, there are many other Adsense alternative advertisement compny but we cannot earn so much from it.  With this we get the trust of google so there is no emphasis on it.

How earn money from Google Adsense.

You do not need to take any course to earn money from Google.  You just have to have some basic google adsense information that happens to all people nowadays.

You only have to have passion.  Must have ability to learn something new everyday.  And there should be the ability to do something different.

 If all this is inside you, then get ready because we are going to tell you the secrets of earning money from Google.  Google’s Google Adsense is a service from which you can earn money.

 To make money with Google Adsense, first of all tell you that Google AdSense is a free service provided by Google to publishers to monetize their web content.

Adsense is the most popular way to monetize content for those who want to earn online paise.  To do Earnings from Google Adsense, first you have to get the account approved on Google Adsense.

For this, you have to go to the Adsense website and apply, but before that we tell you some important things which you need to know.

Friends, you must have known that Google Adsense is an Ad Networking site, with the help of which you can earn money by showing Google’s ads on your blog, it gives you money according to Cost Per Click i.e. CPC.

But for this, you must have a blog of your own.  If you have your own blog.  Then all you have to do is apply for Adsense.

what is cost per click or CPC.

CPC is important for you to understand because you are going to get money only on CPC basis. This means that CPC means clicks on cost i.e. how many clicks on your site are shown. The more you click on your ad, the more money you get.

Google Adsense shares 68% of revenue with Adsense pubilisher and keeps the remaining 32% with Adsense. Clicking on posts means working on CPC.

Now if you get 500 ads click daily,
and if Google clicks on you, pay 0.60 $, then your CPC will be 0.60 $

And 500 clicks will earn you 300 $ ie if you are an Indian user,
So you will get around 19000 rupees from 300. Now if you are thinking,
As to how we will get the money earned from Adsense, then Google sends payment directly to your bank account through wire transfer.
Google sends payments on the 21st of every month,
To pay out of Adsense, your Adsense account must have at least $ 100.

If you have read the details mentioned above completely, then you must have understood exactly what Google Adsense is and how it works
If you are also eager to earn money with Google Adsense and you are a new blogger or you have started your blog in the solution then you also have a great opportunity to get your blog approved for Google Adsense. We will tell you the basic steps to apply a new website or blog with Google Adsense.

To apply Google Adsense for a new website, you must follow the basic steps

Now I am going to suggest some topics which you can follow and apply for Google Adsense for new website.

  • Buy a custom domain  
  • Setup custom email  
  • Create important pages  
  • Quality of content  
  • Use mobile friendly template 
  • Blog structure 

1. buy a top level domain or custom domain

If you want your blog ready for Google Adsense as soon as possible, then you need to buy a custom domain.
You can easily buy custom mail ID from different site where you bought the domain.

First you buy a custom domain for your blog.  Because if you have taken a subdomain for your blog, then the chances of your blog’s adsense account being approved are very less.Because it may take you a long time  That is why you buy a domain for your blog instead of subdomain.  For example, if the name of your blog is, then you buy domain for your blog and set it in your blog.

2. Set a custom mail I’d for your blog.

Now when your domain is set up in your blog, then you do another work to create a gmail id matching this domain.
 For example, if your domain is, your Gmail ID should be or or or similar gmail, which is similar to your domain.

3. Create important page for your blog

About Us, Contact us, privacy policy Page On Blog 

Now the third big task you have to do is that you should create a page about Us, Contact us, privacy policy in your blog, because by looking at these pages, Google understands that the person is serious about blogging.  And it wants to work for a long time.

In Google’s view, all these pages must be on every blog.All these pages are important for you because when  you apply for AdSense, then the pages of your blog are checked by the AdSense team. Google wants to know what policy you have prepared for your user.

In about us’page you can write about your blog, on which topic your blog is based, what kind of information you share, so that Google makes your blog easy to understand.

Privacy policy page is very important for you, without this you can not get the approval of Google Adsense because when you review your site through Google Adsense, this page is definitely seen.

From this page, Google wants to know what is your policy for the users or visitors coming to your blog, are you using their data incorrectly? how secure are the users coming to your page, so you must make this page and tell Google your behavior with your user

You will also have to share your contact information, for this you must create a contact page on your blog, you can either add a contact form from the layout on your blog. 

You can also create a contact page by yourself and tell the user what you can do to contact us By creating a contact form, the experience with your user can also be good.And you also share the post for your unused user so that traffic on your blog is also maintained continuously

4 Quality of your Content 

This can be a big factor for you. The more good and quality content in your blog, the more visitors will come on the blog, which can be a good sign for you.

Google will also clearly tell that the more content your blog will have the more trust, according to Google, your blog should have more quality content than more content.

If you are blogging, then you should understand that only quality content should always be put on the blog and the visitor has some benefit from that content.

And if you want to approve google adsense for your blog, then your blog should have at least 20 to 25 posts of 600 to 700 words or 10 to 15 posts of more than 1000 words.

All these contents should be unique.
This means that the copy has not been pasted from any other blog or website. If you copy and paste the content from any other website or blog, your google adsense account will not be approve.

5 Use Simple But mobile friendly template 

Mobile friendly theme makes your blog more attractive
In today’s time, more than 80% of blogs are read from mobile, so it is important that your blog theme is mobile friendly.

When the site is reviewed by Google, your theme is definitely seen, along with it you can jam more traffic to your blog with mobile friendly themes.

You design a simple but good looking template for your blog or buy it from a website and apply it on your blog, but also check that your blog template is mobile friendly, resposive, aur adsense ready  ,

If your template is not responsive and mobile friendly then the chances of approve google adsense account are reduced.  Along with this, also take care that the template of your blog should be lightweight, ie it should be loaded in a short time.

 In the side bar of your blog, place only the important widgets like Popular Post, Recent Post, Blog Archive, remove the widgets which are not required.

Now if you have prepared all these well then you can now apply for google adsense acccount approve.

Blog structure. 

The structure of your blog contributes a lot to your AdSense application or approval. Your blog structure should be well prepared. You should setup the menu sub menu in your blog properly

You should prepare your blog’s header and footer bar properly. Navigation bar in your blog should be set up well

if your blog structure is well prepared then the user visiting your blog will not have any kind of problem.This will make it easy for the user who has come to your blog.

And this will increase the ranking of your blog
Google also wants that if any of its users visit any website, then they should not have any kind of problem.

If you prepare the structure of your blog well then you can easily attract the user towards your blog.  And you can also get Adsense Approval easily


If you want that Google Adsense Account Approve for your blog as soon as possible, then you must adopt the method because I have tried this method myself and have got my Google Adsense Account Approved.  And now you must have known that to apply google adsense for a new website.

I hope that you must have liked this post of Google Adsense Account Approve and To apply Google Adsense for a new website, you must follow the basic steps  You should also benefit from it and share it among your friends so that it can also benefit.

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