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Hello friends, you are welcome on our blog and today you have amazing information for all of you, whom you will be surprised to hear.But I want to ask you if you are a game lover. Do you play online games. So this is a happy news for you.As the Internet has strengthened its grip, the online game is flooded, and nowadays children are more inclined towards all the online games.

Let me tell you, in India a few years ago there was not so much craze on the game as it has been now, and we all know that with the arrival of PUBG, the game has reached a new level, not only abroad but in India Also the number of gaming users has increased a lot.

PUBG mobile became very popular in India, due to the ban, many users were also disappointed, although we also respect and support this decision of the Government of India, and our Government of India also pays attention to the craze of the people. I decided to launch FAU-G game

Fau-g game android ISO download

Waht is FAUG game how to download FAUG game.

You know, pubg was a huge game in our country India and it was the most liked game but unfortunately our government had to stop it. With this, the Indian government banned more than 100 Chinese applications and pubg was the largest and most liked game in India. But today we will talk about a great game called FAUG. As soon as the Government of India closed the pubg, crores of Indian youth were shocked by their favorite game by the Government.

But you do not need to be disappointed, now an Indian game is coming out like pubg named faug. This game is being made by the Indian company.In today’s article, you are going to get complete information about faug. And you will understand what is faug game.

As soon as the Government of India closed the pubg, Indians started looking for an alternative, in this episode, Akshay Kumar started the faug game with an Indian company.And he shared information about faug on Twitter. After this, the demand of the Indian youth came to know about it. As if there was a flood on Google and YouTube, everyone just wants to know what faug game is.

What is faug game?

Are you also searching for such questions on Google, such as what is faug game, how to download FAUG game, then you are in right place, you will get to know all this in detail, just you have to stay with us till the end.With this, people are also searching for when faug game will be released, what is size of faug game, faug game android, faug game apk, faug game android iso, different types of questions people are looking for, you will get all information

What is a Faug game? What is the full form of fau-g? When will the Faug game launch? Through the fau-g game, PUBG will get to see more competition, as well as how can you help the brave soldiers by playing the fau-g game? How can you get some benefit in India’s economy by playing fau-g game

How will the fau-g game graphic be? And what is the size of the fau-g game? How different will the fau-g game be from the pubg game? When will the fau-g game launch? We are going to answer all these questions in our post.

 What is a FauG game?

Fau-g is a game being developed by an Indian company called n-core game. Pubg is a battleground game but fau-g is not a battleground game. It is a multiplayer shooting when the game starts to become popular. With this, the battleground will be added to it to fight with games of pubg and free fire. As soon as the pubg game was banned, Akshay Kumar announced a pubg replacement game named fau-g. Akshay Kumar told the news of the launch of the game through his Twitter account. This will be a big step in the direction of. 20% of the total money earned through military games will be used to help the family of martyred soldiers of our country.

What is the full form of fau g game?

We are going to know about the military game whose full form is FAU-G = FEARLESS AND UNITED GAURDS.

In which game will fau-g get more compition in India?

Whether or not a military game will be able to beat high downloading games like pubg and free fire in India  Friends, pubg and free fire games are played most in India at the moment, these are both battleground games fau-g games will get a lot of compition from both these games, friends, you must be aware that free fire games There are more than 500M downloads on Google Play Store.

Also, the size of this game is small, it is between 400 and 500 mb. Due to this, it can be played very easily with a smooth graphic even in a phone with 1GB RAM and pubg from 1.5 GB to 2GB size. Is a game of

A lot of high graphic has been used in this, so to play this game well, we need a device above 3GB in which it can run well. Because of this our free ram phone has free fire and more RAM phone has pub most downloaded and playing game.Due to this, fau-g games to be developed in India will get a lot of compition from them, but after the pubg games are banned, it is expected that fau-g games can increase their business well in India.

The N-core game says that the fau-g game will be an Indian Army combat skill and strategy based game, due to which it will not be right to compare or compare it with the pubg game.

An important point of the fau-g game:

A fact is also coming out that guns or weapons will not be used in the galwan level of the fau-g game as the n-core game wants to make this game realistic as there is an aggrimemt between India and China in which gun Or weapon will not be used.

Due to which gun or weapon will not be used in Galvan level, after playing this level of the game, you will also know about the soldiers who were martyred there and also know how much and how hard our military brothers and our hard work And we keep fighting to protect our country.

How many people team is developing Fau -g?

The founder of N-core game is Vishal Gondal and in fau-g game a team of 25 people are working on this game or the development of this game.

When will the fau-g game be launched?

Fau-g game will be launched in the last month of October. You can also help the family of the brave martyrs of India by playing this game.

What would be the graphic of the fau-g game?

The graphic of fau-g games is also going to be very high and good. As you see the graphic in pubg games or call of duty games, the graphic of call of duty games has been made very high. Hopefully this is being done. That kind of graphic will be used in fau-g game.

  What size is the fau-g game going to be?

Friends, there are people playing games in India. The phones that have ram from 1 GB to 4GB are used by them very much in smartphones. The number of people using the phone with RAM above 4 GB is 1GB. Is less than the number of people using up to 4GB  Because of this it is being hoped or guessed that the size of this military game can be between 1GB to 2GB but any official about the size of the games by the n-core company It has not been talked about nor has it been told about its size.

How will the people of India benefit from playing the fau-g game?

Friends, you must be aware that games like pubg, free fire earn a lot of money in a short time. If you play fau-g game, 20% of the total earnings from this money is given to help the family of martyred soldiers of India. Will go And at the same time, the income from this will also strengthen India’s economic condition, which will directly benefit the Government of India, through the Government of India, those money will be used as development in India, which will also directly benefit the people of India and In this, the country’s money will remain in the country.

Friends, all of you are requested to play this game after the launch of the developed fau-g game in India, which is the first step by India in the world of e-sports towards becoming a self-reliant India and The e-sports game is also being greatly promoted by the Prime Minister under Make in India.

In which games like free-fire and pubg organize tournaments from time to time and a lot of money is also given to the winning team. Similarly, it is also expected that as the business of fau-g games grows, fau – Tournament of g game can also be done in which you can participate and by winning you can also increase your name.

How different will the fau-g game be from the pubg game and the free fire game?

The fau-g game will be a multiplayer shooting game based on reailty, while the pubg game and the free fire game are battleground games. An important information can be downloaded from the playstore and app store after the launch of fau-g game. Many such fake apps or games are being created in the name of fau-g. Stay away from fake games and apps and fau-g games Wait for the release After which you can download fau-g games.

What are the features of Faug Game?

According to news,  what is faug game features  , in the map of fau-g game, the mission is placed on the base of the Indian Army, you will be able to play this game in different features, just like the Pabji game.

The game depicts the character of Jabanj Army of the Indian Army and information has been given by Akshay Kumar that 20 percent of the earnings of this game will be donated to the Veer Trust.

You will get to see the map in this game, just like the Pabji game, but this map will show the area of ​​the Indian Army, ie the soldiers of our army take iron from the enemies in their area, the same area has been recorded in this game map.

you used to play just like pubg online, similarly you will be able to play Faug Game online and you will be able to connect and play with your friends and colleagues.

Where can you download fau-g game?

After the release of the Fau-g game, you can download the Fau-g game in the android version from Google’s playstore, and if you have an iPhone then you can easily download it from the Apple Store.

Friends, you must be aware that China is constantly trying to infiltrate into the Indian border, meanwhile, on the date of June 15, about 20 of our soldiers were killed by Chinese soldiers but Indian soldiers also gave 40 to 50 Chinese soldiers. Was shot down

Even after this, there was a resentment against China in the whole country, now we needed to take some decisions that would cause a lot of economic loss to China. Such a step was taken in India. There were many mobile applications in China, due to which China was benefiting directly, so the Indian government on June 29 banned 59 apps including Tick Talk.

After which 47 apps and banks were done by the Government of India which directly benefited China and then on 5th of August again it banned many apps including Bedoo, after which China became very angry and again infiltrated the India border. I started trying to do that, the information about the number of people playing PUBG game in India was given by the Indian intelligence agency to the Government of India.

And many people also invest a lot of money in public games, which directly benefits China, this money used to go to the economy and army of their country, due to this, the government of India also completely banned the game. Although many people believe that the issue of the pubg game being banned and the launch of the fau-g game is interlinked, there is nothing like that and people were also assuming that the fau-g game was a pubg game Is copying

But the n-core company was told by the founder that it is going to be very different from the pubg game. Some people believe that the poster of the fau-g game released by Akshay Kumar ji is also the poster. It has been copied. After the launch of the fau-g game, it will be known how different the fau-g game and the pubg game are from each other.

 What is special about the fau-g game?

The fau-g game will also tell the skill and capability of our Indian army soldiers, how our Indian Army is always ready for battle and for any kind of help.we will get a lot of learning and education. This game will go ahead under the self-reliant India and Make in India by our Prime Minister and will also work to benefit our country. Money invested in this game will also remain in India.

People from outside believed that such games could not be made in India, but after the creation of this game, people’s thinking would also change and from then onwards all such games will be made. By playing this game, you can easily help the families of the soldiers of India.

Friends, today we have related everything from the fau-g game, as well as how much will be the graphics and size of the military game, when will be launched, we have to know about all these things and we hope that if our post FauG game kya hai If you like it, then definitely share it with your friends

 fau-g game was officially announced by Akshay Kumar from his Instagram and Twitter account. You can see it here.

Supporting PM @narendramodi’s AtmaNirbhar movement, proud to present an action game,Fearless And United-Guards FAU-G. Besides entertainment, players will also learn about the sacrifices of our soldiers. 20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to @BharatKeVeer Trust #FAUG

— Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) September 4, 2020

Some questions about the fau-g game that we all have in mind


In today’s time, PUBG is very popular battle royale games, while its full name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, aka PUBG Mobile. FAU-G has been developed by Indian game developing company nCore Games.  By the way, people feel that this Indian game is the only option of PUBG Mobile, which is not true.  At the same time, some people also believe that the (Fau-G) game has tried to imitate PUBG.

But I do not think that something like this has happened, it will be known only after the release of the game that FAU-G is actually a copy of PUBG Mobile or not.

FAU-G Game Download Link Android APK, iOS

It is very common that people will definitely need FAUG Game Download Link.  Why else, when the Government of India has completely stopped PUBG.  In such a situation, everyone now has access to the FAUG Game Download Link. So I want to tell you that the FAUG Game has not been fully released officially yet.  But it is expected that it will be released by the end of October.

Who are nCore Games?

nCore Games is the same Game Development Company that has developed FAU-G Game.  This company was started in the year 2018.  This company is located in Bangalore.  In the past, this company has made many MultiPlayer Games.  At the same time, it is more like making games according to the interest of Indians. Vishal Gondal ji, a well known veteran of the Gaming Industry, has invested his money in this company.

What will we see in a military game?

The FAUG Game is being prepared for a few months.  But there is still much more testing to be done.  According to Gondal ji, in the first level of this game you will get to see Galwan Valley, because it has been based on that. At the same time, players will also get to see all such incidents in the subsequent stages that have been fought by our Indian soldiers.

When will the FAUG Game launch?

The FAU-G game will be launched by the end of October this year.  It is expected that this game is going to be successful in attracting more than 200 million users.

Why is the FAUG Game in the limelight?

FAUG Game has recently announced that after the Indian government has banned PUBG Mobile.  That’s why the FAUG Game is currently in so much headlines. Since PUBG Game was very famous in India, people have high hopes for this new game.

Why is the PUBG Game banned?

Along with PUBG Game, 118 other apps have also been banned.  The reason for this is that it is being told that all those apps were involved in such unethical acts that were raising questions about the security of our country. In such a situation, by banning these apps, the Government of India has shown considerable progress in the security of our country.


✓FAU-G game will launch in India by October-end

✓FAU-G game has been announced by Indian publisher nCore Games

✓FAU-G game launch comes following the ban on PUBG Mobile in India

✓The game has been developed under the mentorship of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar

✓The first level of the game is based on Galway Valley

✓20% of the net revenue generated will be donated to Bharat Ke Veer

How to Download Fau-g game on Android Device faug-ios

If you want to download the Faug game app but not the file of Fau-g apk, then you will soon find it in the Play Store and iOS in the coming days.

  • First of all go to Google Play Store.
  • Then go to the search box and type FAUG Game.
  • Tap on the FAU-G App icon in front of you.
  • Now tap on the Install button.
  • The military game will be installed shortly.

How to install Fau-g game APK on android

  • First go to Apk store
  • Type Fau G in the search box above.
  • Click on Search Now
  • Now click on Faug Apk file
  • Click on the Download Now button and save the Apk File to Mobile.
  • Now go to the Download Folder and open the file.
  • Install unknown apps permission and give permission to install app
  • Now open the game and sign up with Facebook or Google Account
  • Now you can play military games

How to download fau-g game for PC or laptop?

By the way, most people use good mobiles for the game. But it is not necessary that mobile is used only to play all the games.But there are many people who use it on laptop and destop to make the game much better and fun. Now you must be thinking how to install fau-g game on laptop and destop. Let me tell you that the window version of fau-g game has been launched for destop and laptop.  You can download the fau-g game app from the microsoft app store.

You might need something

  1. GeForce 1650, 4GB graphics card
  2. RAM 8GB
  3. Hard disk 520GB
  4. Windows 7/8/10

✓How to download FAUG game for PC

✓Go to Microsoft store on windows PC

✓Login using your Microsoft account

✓Search N core  faug

✓Now play online game

✓Click to install

✓Now download faug for PC.

Faug game  for iOS/iphone.

✓Go to iTunes store

✓Serch for faug

✓Sure it’s original game

✓Download FAUG for iOS

✓Click on install

✓Open and signin

✓Start playing iOS faug game

What is the eagerness of people to know about faug game, which we completed in this article

✓What is faug game?

Faug game is an Indian game and best alternative pubg and freefire.

✓What is the full form of FauG?

FauG’s full form is Fearless And United: Guards.

✓When is FauG launching?

FauG will be launched in october 2020.

✓What is PubG best alternative?

Yes Faug is the best alternative of pubg and freefire.

✓When is the FAUG app release date?

FauG is expected to launch in late October

✓How to download FAUG game?

FAUG game will  available on the Google Play Store and App Store, you can download and install easily and free.

Last words !

As we promised you that we are going to tell you everything about the faug game in this article, we tried our best, hope you have got a better understanding of what a fau-g game is, how to install and download fau-g game,ा We are waiting to know how you felt the information given by us will wait for your reply in the comment box, If you have any question or you are in any kind of problem regarding fau-g game, then you can feel free to contact us. We can help you fully. If you want, you can write questions related to faug game in the comment box.

In the end, I would just like to say thank you very much for your love and companionship, because you and your love inspire us to do something new and always inspire us to move forward. Keep your love like and stay with us We do not know how you liked this article, but your comment will tell us, write your opinion and if you like this, then share it with your friends. That is the biggest inspiration for us.

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