What is Google Core Algorithm Update May 2020 

On May 4, 2020, Google has made a Core Update in its Search Algorithm, as a result of which the traffic of many websites has come down drastically, although the traffic of some websites has increased but the traffic of most websites has decreased.
This is the second Google Core Update of 2020.  On Monday, Google announced that they are rolling out a new Core Update, 

Google core update may 2020
Google core update


this is the second Core Update of the year 2020.  The first  core update was january 2020.  Mainly Google updates its algorithm every few months, the last update was three months ago in January.
Announcement Tweet: Google gave information about the May Core Algorithm Update by tweeting 

 “Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year.  It is called the May 2020 Core Update.  Our guidance about such updates remains as indicated covered before “.

Google core update may,2020
Google core update

In easy language, Google said that “Today we are going to update the broad algorithm (applying multiple rules at once), as we do a few times a year, and named it Google Core Algorithm Update May 2020,  Our aim is about the same updates as we have already told you ”.
Rolling Out: Google posted in the story about an hour after its tweet, stating that the Google Core Algorithm Update May 2020 update has started “This update may take one to two weeks to fully roll out”    This update of Google was a global update.

Google core update
Although Google said its tweet that it may take one to two weeks to see its effect, but soon after that many people started seeing its effect, messages started coming in SEO forums that their rankings have started falling drastically.  People have said that their traffic and rankings have started coming up all at once. 

What is Google Core Update

From time to time, Google keeps updating its algorithm to improve its search results so that the user can get the latest, accurate and correct information from Google.

The changes that Google makes to its search algorithms to make its search results according to the user’s search query more relevant, and more updated, is called “Google’s Core Update”.
In simple language, the changes made by Google in its search rules are called Google Core Update.
Google Discover: These updates of Google also have an impact in Google “Discover”.
The purpose of Google is never to penalize anyone with their updates, Google does these updates keeping in mind the query intent of its user, which can be completed and satisfied by his user’s query intent. 
In many ways, people would come to the first page of SERP in other ways, which the search query intent of Google user is bad, you must have also noticed this many times.

When does Google Core Update 

According to Google, Google often updates from time to time in its search algorithm.  Most of these updates are very small, which do not have much effect and they are not seen by the people.
When any major changes are made, it is more noticeable because its impact has a lot on website ranking.
Google’s Core Update is not for any specific industry or specific niche, rather it affects every website globally.

Why does Google Core Update

By the way, you must have understood that Google updates itself to improve its search already, but still many people have many questions in their mind, such as –
 * There is so much good content on my website, yet why did my traffic go?
 * My website has very good backlinks, yet why the traffic of my site was down?  e.t.c
So let’s try to understand this issue of Google update through an example –
Suppose in 2015 you made a list of 100 best bollywood movies.  In that list, you placed the best movies till 2015.
Today in 2020, when you try to update that list of your 100 movies, what will happen?
Since 2015 to 2020, many more excellent movies have come.  So you have to remove some old movies from your list and replace them with new trending movies 

after the arrival of the Core Algorithm Update May, the site which was ranked NO.1 for many years 

now some other sites were appearing even in the feature snippets, but when I again  After some time searching on the same keyword, the site which was already ranking then started appearing.
It is known from this that Google is giving a chance to those sites which are doing a great job, 
but are not able to come up, Google is now randomly checking those sites and checking their user behavior  Is it that they are able to complete their search intent with the content of this site? 
If the user engagment grows on new sites, then they can expect that they will come to the first page of Google.
But why is Google doing this with the old sites, the answer is that Google wants the content of the sites to be fresh so that it does not make any updates to the old content and comes to number one.  
Google always wants fresh and valuable content for its users, that’s why it is giving opportunity to other creators. 
 So, whose sites were already ranked, now they need to be more regular, this is my personal experience which I have experienced, apart from this, there are a lot of factors that you can read webmaster blog which Google has already told. 

This does not mean that old movies sites were bad.

But if you want to keep your list updated, then it is your strength to remove old movies.  However, if some old movies are still the favorite of the people, then you will definitely keep them in your list. 

Similarly, Google update also works.

Thousands of new websites are being created every day.  On which millions of contents are being published every day.  In such a situation, Google has to update all the websites to give place in its search.  
Ever since Google made the Core Update on May 4, 2020, the complains of the website owners have started that their traffic has gone down drastically.
 In such a situation, Google recommends that –
1. Analyze your website and fix any loopholes in it.
2. Keep your website content updated
3. Make good back links for the website
4. Pay attention also to the navigation and structure of the website
5. Make the website not according to Google but according to user demand
However, Google has clearly stated that with the improvement in your website there is no guarantee that the traffic of the website will be recovered.
Do keep in mind that improvements made by site owners managing a guarantee of recovery, nor do pages have any static or guaranteed position in our search results.

Google’s request to all webmasters

Google begs all its webmaster that if the traffic of website is down, it dose not mean that there is any deficiency in your website or contact of your website isn’t good. 
Of course your website is perfect in itself, but it is a common thing to get traffic down even in Google update.
If there is no deficiency in your website and the content is also good, then you wait.  Whenever Google will update its next core, at that time the ranking of your website will improve.

Of course, no improvement we make to Search is perfect.  This is why we keep updating.

Going also important to understand that search engines like Google do not understand content the way human beings do.
Conclusion – So friends, all of you keep updating your website so that whenever Google updates your content it will always get updated because Google will not 
compromise at all to improve its search and 
If there is any deficiency in your website then Google without any  Without hesitation, your traffic will definitely come down.
Note: keep mind that every core Algorithm update is not linked to back links, so do not back links everything,do not changes in your site’s quickly or it can have a nagetive effect on your ranking..
Last words  

Friends tell us how much impact your traffic had on your website after Google’s core update. If you tell us, then we will be able to know what the impact of Google core update on the site of people 
Friends, hope you have understood very well from this article how Google core update will work,
If you have any question, comment us, we will try to answer your question immediately and friends, if you like this article, then do share it with your friends. 
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